5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Summer and Beyond

Summer fun means barbeques and beach trips. These occasions are often riddled with foods that won’t help you stay slim and trim to look good in your bathing suit. Beach volleyball and swimming can work up an appetite. How do you fight this temptation to eat the spread of unhealthy goodies before you? Bring your own snacks that are delicious and healthy. Here are som healthy snack recipes for summer and beyond.

Finding something to bring to the beach can be the most difficult since you will have to save it from the sun and from getting all full of sand. It can be done, however, with a little forethought and creativity. Try some of these handy and healthy ideas:

1. Veggie and Hummus Snack Cups

Instead of bringing a tray of veggies, why not create individual snack cups? Take a plastic cup with a lid and add 2 tbsp of hummus at the bottom. Next cut up celery, bell peppers, and carrots into sticks. Fill the cup with these sticks with one side dipped into the hummus. All you have to do when you get to the beach is pop off the top of the cup and grab a pre dipped veggie stick for a convenient snack.

2. Frozen Fruit Skewers – 5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Summer and Beyond

The beach is hot, so why not bring a cool treat? The night before you are going to the beach, prepare some skewers with chunks of your favorite fruits. Strawberries, apples, kiwis, and melons work nice. Lay them out on a platter and sprinkle with lemon juice. Place in the freezer overnight. Before you leave for the beach, put the skewers in a big Ziploc and enjoy!

3. Cucumber Subs

Take a couple of cucumbers and cut them in half lengthwise. Use a spoon to dig out the seeds. Smear some Laughing Cow cheese in the middle and add a sprinkling of dried dill. Place the halves on top of each other to keep the cheese from making a mess and wrap them in plastic wrap to be opened and enjoyed at the beach. You can switch out the filling with ham and cheese or mashed avocado and cilantro.

4. Caprese Sticks – 5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Summer and Beyond

Caprese Sticks - 5 Healthy Snack Recipes for Summer and Beyond
Larry Hoffman / flickr

Before you leave for the beach take some fresh mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves and stack them on toothpicks. Place them in a plastic container and drizzle them with balsamic vinaigrette. You can then just grab a toothpick when you get hungry at the beach and not have to mess with silverware or plates.

5. Chocolate Chip Raspberries

If you are craving something sweet these little morsels will do the trick. Take a raspberry and place one dark chocolate chip into the top hole of the raspberry. Keep them cold in the fridge until you are ready to leave. In order to avoid melted chocolate making a mess, be sure to stick them in your cooler before you go.

Hydration is very important when you are out in the sun all day. Bring along some fruit or herb infused water for a delicious and fresh drink.

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