How do i renew my European health insurance card?

EHIC news

The EHIC or European health insurance card is very helpful for you if you are traveling in other EU / EEA countries. Like you are a citizen of Ireland or UK and you are traveling to any other EEA member state like Denmark or Germany and you get sick or you had an accident. It’s a free card issued for the citizens. The EHIC card will help you to get free or reduce the cost of health services in any other EEA member state. But every card has limited validity (Each EHIC card is valid for 5 years), and when the validity of your EHIC card is over, you need to renew that, to avail the full features of EHIC card.

As we know, an EHIC card is free for the citizens of EEA countries & Switzerland to receive the medical treatment. To renew it, you need to apply online yourself or using any third party service provider.

Renew Online yourself:

you need to visit the official website for “EHIC card” and fill up the EHIC card number and the PPSN and then proceed as per steps. The instructions are written in clear English, so you don’t have to worry much. But if you change your address after you last time received your EHIC card, then you must first contact your local health office to process your renewal properly. It’s a free service.

Renew using third-party service provider:

But if you like to use the third party service provider, then you may search in the web for the best service provider. You have to go for the reputed one’s webpage and go for the Renewal section, and apply. There you need to give your EHIC Info, and then your contact details, then they ask for a payment like $30 to $50. After your payment is confirmed by them, they will start processing your data. It will take 15 days to 45 days based on your information. The third party service will work on behalf of you or any other individuals, arranging the renewal of the EHIC card. You don’t have to worry about anything for that.