Real Estate business in Australia

Real Estate business in Australia

Some philosopher said a long time ago- ‘Soil is money and the money is soil’.

It’s like he knows about the sudden boom of the Real Estate business. You can buy gold for a cheaper price, but not a soil or land for your home or office. Real Estate businesses make an impact in the whole world. Every day sky-touching high-rise buildings are made any brought and sold by the people. Now they like to invest in Real Estate, because the return is very high, and the risk of money-losing like share market is zero.

So also in Australia, the prices of apartments or Real Estates are going up day by day. Let’s go into the deep.


In Sydney, the price is a little high for buying Real Estates, because it’s the most populated area in Australia. The price will vary from 1,921.12 A$ to 4,635.11 A$ for one square meter land in 2018, whereas the price was- 973 A$ in 2015. So investing in a property in Sydney Australia is very well choice. Because: people from all over the world love to have a home in Sydney.


In Melbourne, the story was a little different. The price of a property in The North Melbourne is approx $8,445 per square meter. Lets see some more places price-  Albert Park, its $12,947, Middle Park- $11,924, South Melbourne- $10,946, Carlton North- $10,809, Port Melbourne- $9,167, Fitzroy- $7,714. The price is rising about 20% in the last 10-12 months.


In this place, middle-income earners have homes for their own. So the price for this place is a little low. You can buy an Apartment in City Centre for 464.51 A$ to 765.05 A$ per Square Feet. The Mortgage Interest Rate for 20 years is 4.39%. If you invest in the Real Estate business in Brisbane, it will be very profitable for you, because the price hike is like 16% in last 12 months. Best of luck with the investments!