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A sizzling fall collection was launched this year. Fashion month may have passed, but the trendy styles gave fashion enthusiasts a whole lot to look forward to this coming fall. Everything from platform boots to chokers. This fall you can rock it all!

Doesn’t fall feel like it’s taking forever to show up? Well you can wear and bare the swag ahead of time. Here are 7 trending styles that you can stride to right now.

  1. Velvet:

Doesn’t seem like the season to shroud yourself in velvet just yet does it? Well, you don’t have to cover, just cover enough. Velvet bathing suits are the new in thing.velvet trends 2016

They are soft, smooth and will caress your beach body in all the perfect accentuations. Navy, Ice and Aqua are all shades of blue you can confidently flaunt in while tanning!

  1. Platform Boots:

 Choose from a variety of funky David Bowie platform boots. There is a whole range of heeled ankle boots you can choose from; leopard spots, blue stars, zebra stripes and much more.

David Bowie platform bootsThey will look hot with almost anything. You can mix and match with short skirts, denim and even that light summer dress you love!

  1. Chokers:

The hip and happening accessory that girls are showing off this year is the choker. Although it’s not a new style altogether but has come back after quite a while now. There are so many funky designs to choose from.

wearable trends chokersThe highly popular one is the big daisy choker necklace. Its fresh and will do justice to just about anything you wear. It’s not a burden on your pocket either ranging from $12-$14. The pricier chokers like the Erickson Beamon Swan Lake Choker ($1,015) and the Arme de l’Amour Coral Choker ($450) can be worn with the chic outfits. Pair either with a nude top and you’ll be ramp ready!

  1. Down Jackets:

 Down jackets are a big hit this season as the chilly evenings set in. You can choose to show off a single, more subtle shade or try something more exciting like a triple shaded one.

down jacketsGet comfy in a sleeveless triple shaded jacket with a long dress underneath. Finish off your look with heeled boots and trot off like a woo-man!

  1. Hoodies:

 Hoodies have to be everyone’s favorite thing to wear. There’s nothing more satisfying for the ‘in-between’ season than good old hoodies.

hoodies trendsChoose your favorite color, with or without sleeves is completely up to you. There are even knee-length hoodies which look super cool with boots and a pair of shades. Make that messy bun and go out head high!

No matter what the fashion trends are, fall is the best season to play with all the colors, textures and accessories. Fall gives you the opportunity to try out some new looks, follow and set new trends and totally have fun while doing it! Remember, fashion is not only about looking good, it’s about feeling comfortable in what you are wearing!