The Survival Rates of Mesothelioma (Cancer)

Mesothelioma is a kind of lung cancer known for its uncontrollable growth on the pleura. In general, this disease is caused by the mesothelium cells that are mutated due to certain causes. The most terrible thing about this disease is about the low survival rates. It means that anyone who suffers from this has high risk for the death. Many recent surveys show that the patients only survive from 4 to 18 months after they have been diagnosed.

There were still other patients who can survive up to 5 years but only few.

The main cause of mesothelioma is asbestos radiation. The dust from asbestos that is inhaled continuously for a long time is accumulated on the lung and it causes the cancer cells. The risk of cancer is higher when there is also smoking habit and the history of family genetic with cancer. The general symptoms of mesothelioma are the pain on chest and feeling of hard to breath. When you have any experience of being around the asbestos manufacture, be sure to checkup your condition. Until now, mesothelioma is only able to be avoided not healed.

Healthy lifestyle is really needed to lessen the risk of this disease since the medical helps just can lengthen your life, not cure it.