Psychological Tricks That May Help You Sleep

If you’ve ever found yourself suffering from insomnia, for no reason, you’re not alone. Everyone has nights where rest and sleep are just totally unattainable! It can be due to a multitude of factors including your bedroom being too warm or exposed to too much electrical light but whatever it is, it seems that psychology can help you out! If you find yourself in the insufferable position again, try one of these great psychological tricks that may help you sleep and drift off to dreamland in no time!

Relaxing Images

Counting sheep has been scientifically disproved as a method of getting to sleep. Another childhood lie our parents told us right! But there is an alternative. Imagine the most serene and relaxing place you’ve ever been. It could be a beach, or a waterfall, or whatever floats your boat. The imagery helps you to fall asleep, on average, 20 minutes earlier than otherwise. Just transport yourself back to that gorgeous place and you’ll be dreaming before you know it!

Count Backwards – Psychological Tricks That May Help You Sleep

Okay, we know we said counting doesn’t work but this isn’t what it seems! If you can start counting backwards from say 1000, in multiples of whatever you’re mathematically able for, your brain will start to focus on a non-challenging sequence and will stop running around in circles! Counting forward is too easy but counting backwards in a pattern is just challenging enough!

4-7-8 Breathing

You might say well I’m breathing already so how is this going to help, but just wait! By breathing in a sequence: in for 4 seconds, hold for 7, and out for 8 seconds, your mind is forced to concentrate on the rhythm of your breathing rather than anything else. It also keeps your mind off anything that might be stressing you out. You don’t have to follow the exact sequence but something similar will do the trick just as good!

Guided Imagery – Psychological Tricks That May Help You Sleep

We know this sounds kind of technical, but we promise it’s not! All you need to do is picture or imagine a personal memory – it will only working if the memory is personal and it had a calming effect on you at the time. So, imagine the warmth of your grandparent’s house, or the feel of grass under your feet in your childhood garden. Whatever you choose will help to soothe you and send you off smiling!

These tricks have been scientifically proven so they should do the trick for you, just remember to relax, and try and clear your mind of anything stressful and you’ll sleep like a baby!

This article originally appeared on LifeBalanceDaily.com.