How Your Personality Depending Your Fingers’ Shape

Personality Depending Your Fingers’ Shape

Have you ever thought that your fingers can tell all things about you? It sounds silly probably. However, some predictions related to the matters are mostly true. There are at least three types of fingers seen from the difference of height between ring and little fingers. Just take a look at the upper line of your ring finger and then compare it to the little one.

Do they have the same height? Is the line of ring finger higher or shorter? Then, read the explanation below.

If they are the same, you are quite introvert and emotional person. You are only able to share your private problems with someone who is really close to you. Besides, you are a sort of eccentric as well arrogant person. However, you are also so kind and charming.

It is not difficult for your heart to help the others who need it.

Meanwhile, if the little finger is higher, it means that you are a little bit passive. You are not a kind of person who likes taking action at first since you are afraid of getting hurt and bad risks. But you are also loyal and sensitive. Sometimes, it is good but also bad characters.
How is if the little finger is lower than the upper line of ring finger? You cannot easily forget things that hurt you. You also often vent your anger by grudging. A good thing about you is that you are very respectful to the opinions of others. Besides, you are very open and straightforward regarding what you are thinking.