Online marketing trends for 2016

digital market trends

In 2015 the concept of marketing was continuously adapting and changing, whether it was a new piece of hardware or software, or a new tool that was changing the landscape of the promotion. In 2016, marketing trends are also expected to change constantly at a same pace or at a faster rate than last year.  The online marketing world is expected to amplify creating more exciting trends for people and businesses to utilize.

Mobile will dominate

Last year mobile became more popular than a computer of or a laptop in many countries around the globe and Google has set out to penalize websites that don’t change their design for users to effectively visit the websites on their mobile phone (Mobile friendly). These changes are moving towards a mobile-first state of mind and businesses need to be able adapt and welcome the change in order to reach as many potential customers as possible. The recommendation for business owners is to establish a multi-channel strategy, keeping mobiles as the key focus in their strategy as users accessibility is rapidly increasing and becoming more fragmented.

App indexing

App indexing is still a relatively new concept in online marketing but is said to gain traction and eventually become a dominating feature for businesses to use in 2016 to promote their products and services.

There are numerous forecasts that propose that the mobile web will soon be surpassed by mobile apps that will eventually make the ranking systems for apps a lot more complex than it is today. This might not happen in 2016 but throughout the year more business owners will start and accepting and utilizing apps to market online effectively.

Wearable technology

Wearable technology will become more popular in 2016 as more businesses are trying to manipulate the data produced from old and new wearable devices. One of biggest demands in today’s world in terms of technology is devices that can provide information in order to help individuals expand their day to day lives and activities.

Wearable devices will act as a disruptive change that will alter the landscape of the digital world as it will be able to use data and information of the users to offer personalized experiences to cater to each individual.

Businesses will eventually be able to notify users through their wearable devices about current events or sales as they approach close to one of the stores.

marketing trends 2016

Marketing automation

The future of online marketing revolves around reaching users on a more personalized manner which means that businesses will have to think of more complex ways with how they target the users and how their campaigns can reach them on a personal level.

As time passes, people will develop algorithms that will eventually help marketers gather information in a way where they will be able to know what would be the optimal time to notify users and message them in order to drive the highest conversion rate

Video advertising

Video advertising has been a marketing tool for decades and is still becoming a more valuable mode of promotion thanks to online marketing. For example Google is considering the idea of video advertising within SERP results which will only make video advertising a more effective means of advertising.

Users are also more accepting of video adverting which is only steering this medium into becoming an imperative online marketing tool during 2016.