Google Releasing Duo App for Video Chatting

Video calling is all the rage these days because of good internet speeds and a variety of video chatting apps to choose from. It is almost as good as talking to someone in person. But not all video chatting apps are up to the mark.

More often than not video chatting becomes a highly frustrating experience with connection being lost at end, bad voice streaming, video getting stuck or not streaming at all, and a number of other frustrating reasons. But hopefully all of these problems won’t occur in Google’s latest release, Duo – a video chatting app aimed at providing a human experience. This is Google’s answer to Facebook’s Messenger, Microsoft’s Skype, and Apple’s FaceTime.


Google’s Duo boasts a simple interface that is purposely kept that way to enhance usability and practicality while keeping it easy to use. The official blog declares that no separate account is needed for Google’s Duo, and considering their other apps and how they are all interconnected with one Gmail account, that is both understandable and marvelous, since you won’t have to keep track of another password. This makes sign-up and sign-in easy and makes the app simple from start to finish.

google duo video app

Design& “Knock Knock”

According to Google, Duo was designed keeping in mind that it was be used by real people and the app keeps the focus on the two people calling each other. Even though the regular calling and answering is featured in all video chatting app as well Duo, this app features a new feature called “Knock Knock” which allows the receiver of the call to view the video of the person calling even before they answer the phone. This feature would help determine the whereabouts of the person calling and also shed light on their reason for calling.


To combat slow internet connections and bad video streaming, Google’s official blog boasts that Duo handles all situations seamlessly. Duo has the capability to switch between Wi-Fi and mobile data to give seamless video calling, and reduces resolution of the video in case of less bandwidth instead of dropping the call. Google’s Duo aims to keep you connected at home, on-the-go, even where connections are slower.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

There are still a few apps that do not let you chat across platforms, for example Apple’s FaceTime which only allows you to chat with someone who is also an Apple user. But Google Duo boasts cross-platform compatibility.

hello duo google

Google’s Duo is another app in a wave of video chatting apps available online.

But since it is Google, it’s safe to say that this app might excel where others failed. Not all video apps can boast good connectivity with slower internet connections or a simple, practical interface. But with Duo, Google has paid a lot of attention to each aspect of the app – from the design to the compatibility across platforms. Google’s Duo has been launched and they are gradually rolling it out for both the Android and iOS.

For now, Android users can pre-register for the app on the PlayStore and will be notified as soon as it is available.