A good year for super riches – Just NOT for Donald Trump

The private wealth of US President Donald Trump has apparently been considerably fused. According to the latest estimate of the magazine “Forbes” it shrank in the last 12 months because of supposed value losses of its real estate from 4.5 billion dollars to only 3.5 billion dollars (3.3 billion euros). This meant that the 70-year-old slipped to rank 544 in the list of the world’s richest people, published on Monday evening. In the previous year, Trump still occupied 324.

The New York businessman has been in the clinch with “Forbes” for decades because the magazine allegedly underestimates his assets. He himself had stated it at least ten billion dollars. According to Forbes, the downturn in the New York real estate market has long been a source of wealth at Trump, which has invested heavily in buildings such as the pompous “Trump Tower” in Manhattan.

On average, every super rich has $ 3.75 billion

The prosperity of the 45th US president is, however, only to be expected. The billionaire ranking is based solely on estimates for which “Forbes” collects information on assets such as stocks, real estate, art objects or luxury items from public sources. Trump himself could create clarity, but he still refuses to publish his tax return despite violent criticism and contrary to all customary rules.

Overall, the past year, according to “Forbes”, was a good one for Super riches around the world. Thanks to thriving stock markets and rising oil prices, the number of billionaires in 2016 grew by 233 to 2043. According to magazine, this is the strongest increase in over three decades. Together, the billionaires have a wealth of 7.67 trillion dollars – more than double the annual economic performance of Germany. According to Forbes, the average wealth of the super rich is $ 3.75 billion.

In place of the “Forbes” chess is still Bill Gates with an estimated assets of 86 billion dollars. For the fourth time in a row, the Microsoft founder is at the top of the list, which he now led in 18 of the past 23 years. In second place, stock market guru Warren Buffett follows with 75.6 billion dollars.

In the third place, Amazon boss Jeff Bezos, who is the largest winner in the ranking with an increase of 27.6 to 72.8 billion dollars. The Spanish “Zara” -modemagnat Amancio Ortega and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg complete the top 5.

This is how Forbes Trump says a net fee of $ 3.5 billion is divided into:

  • New York City Real estate: $ 1.7 billion
  • Neon-New York City Real estate: $ 630 million
  • Golf courses and clubs: $ 620 million
  • Hess trade: $ 230 million in cash and
  • personal assets: $ 270 million