Girl transform herself to monsters

At 16-years-old you’re just starting to figure out who you are and what you’re capable of… but some teens have far more figured out than full-grown adults. For instance, 16-year-old Australian Lara Wirth has already tapped into her inner artistic talents. At such a young age she is already capable of transforming herself into seriously scary monsters using body paint, makeup and the occasional prop.

Lara was originally inspired by movies such as X-Men and Pirates of the Caribbean, but when she saw the reality TV show FaceOff she fell head over heels for using makeup to transform into wild monsters and mythical creatures.

Girl transform herself to monsters

But the work of this makeup artist is something really special.

Beauty vlogger Andrea De La Ossa is a total genius when it comes to special effects makeup. Using just her skills and some makeup, she’s able to transform herself into all kinds of truly terrifying monsters.

Must come in handy when Halloween hits.


This straight up horrifying look is from Cabin in the Woods.


As will this ‘my face is now a flippy book’ one.

Talk like an open book” Please enjoy action pinky wiggling around stealing focus ???????????? I was inspired by a digital art piece but I hopefully made it my own ! I hope you dig it.????????

flips book

And nailed back together.


We’re honestly a little scared of her.

my favorite zombie I’ve ever done.


There wasn’t actually a zombie in the show with these injuries that had a “w” carved into it I just added that missing eye and cheek rip for flair. Also if anyone knows of any FDA approved contact companies that ship to the US let me know. I miss these mesh ones so much. I hope you dig it if you’re new here ????????