Experience the Beauty Galactic Objects

buying a personal telescope


If you want to experience the beauty galactic objects and feel your mere existence in the midst of the universe, a telescope is what you need. Just sitting in a dark and calm environment with a decent telescope on your eyes in enough to fulfill your stargazing dreams! There are many telescopes in the market which are solely made for veteran astronomers and some lure the customers with their massive optical zoom, but none of them will be a smart-buy for you as an amateur.

We are compiling all the key features you should look for when buying a personal telescope.

Check them out.

  1. First, note the aperture of the lens the telescope is equipped with. It is nothing but the diameter of the optical reflector or refactor determining the light-gathering capacity of the telescope. So you can easily understand how crucial it is in making the images brighter and sharper. Roughly, something around 70 to 90 mm will make up a decent image. You can definitely choose a bigger one if your budget permits and there is no issue with portability.
  2. The second-most important aspect of a telescope is its magnification. It determines how much bigger the image will appear in your eyesight. Mathematically, the focal length of the lens system divided by that of the eyepiece is the magnification power of the telescope. So you should buy a telescope having a removable eyepiece so that there remains a scope to adjust the magnification later by installing or replacing it.
  3. The mounting base is another deciding factor which buyers often overlook and end up doing a bad deal. If you want your telescope to have all the best in class features, its size will be a massive one. These telescopes must have a motorized base for the ease of handling whereas for lighter ones a good mechanical base will suffice.

So your first job is to shortlist the favorite models, check the above-mentioned specs and tally it with the budget. You are all set to buy your dream scope to emerge in the world of celestial delights.