Why decision to ban the carrying electronic devices

ban electronic device

Text-France 24 raised the decision of the United States and Britain contraceptive electronic devices in aircraft coming from the middle East denounced by traveling the next two countries involved resolution. Raises the decision of the United States and Britain contraceptive electronic devices inside compartments passengers in aircraft companies coming from the middle East, resentment in the target decision and accusations that there motives economic behind the step-based originally to security reasons. Did not be affected by this decision any airline US, but the companies Gulf giant such as “Qatar Airways,” and “Emirates” Union to fly “will have to them as of Saturday morning contraceptive this electronic devices in limited passengers on board aircraft flying to airports US.

Travel to US from the middle East

Holds this decision again plans who want to travel to US from the middle East as it comes in the midst of dispute judicial glowing on the application of edict US President Donald Trump controversial and judge the prevention of the book of the citizens of the countries of the majority of Muslim to his country. Said Mira muhanna (33) the Lebanese resident in Dubai,” I travel tomorrow to US on the plane of the Airways Dutch. I feel puzzled: do you take me computer/laptop or not? “.

Confirmed for his part Mustafa who went from Dubai to the United States Wednesday morning that prevent the escort with it on board laptop camera, although it is supposed to begin Airlines the application of decision-Saturday. Said, such as the rise to the plane,

And its location-mail, announced Dubai international airport, a major airports the world and most active, it will adhere resolution, will adjust regulations instructions for passengers.

Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey

At the airport Carthage in Tunisia, could not Riad (33) that hides his anger. Said before heading to Canada across London” doesn’t bother me that I will not I can use the laptop or computer tablet. But what bother me is that it matter of personal: why should I put devices with luggage? “Joined Britain to the United States in the prohibition of laptops and tablets -cost 14 airline going trips to Britain from five Arab States is Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Jordan, Lebanon, and Turkey. Said expert in the Center of the Gulf research Mustafa ANI the decision” can be interpreted as is based on intelligence received by the American forces “during the attack implemented by the special forces in Yemen at the end of January / January.

Adding that the information stating that the group” base Jihad in Peninsula Arabs, “which considers Washington the most serious branches of the organization of the base of the world, it may of Chen attacks across” bombs are placed in laptops “.