8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By Christmas

For many of us, the holiday season this year might look a little different than the years past. Due to the global pandemic, companies have a harder time lining their shelves with this season’s most popular gift items. This is partly due to labor shortages, sea freight issues, and docks taking longer to unload containers. Due to the supply chain shortages, many companies are urging consumers to buy their holiday gifts early to help ward off any hurt feelings during the holidays. If you’re looking to add to your holiday list now, these are the gifts you should buy early to have by Christmas before it is too hard to get them.

1. iPhone 13, 13 Pro, and 13 Pro Max

iPhone 13, 13 P

Of course, the newest version of the iPhone would be a popular gift item this holiday season and retailers are expected to sell out fast. If you’ve been holding out for a deal on the smartphone, you’re out of luck since Apple doesn’t seem to be giving any discounts on the phone right now. If you want one for a holiday, your best bet is to get it now before it is too late.

2. Air Fryers – 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By Christmas

Air Fryers - 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By Christmas
Instant Brands

Air fryers have been a popular kitchen appliance gift to give. The air fryer is convenient, not too expensive, and honestly a great gift to get. Since air fryers are still very popular because of their option to make healthier food, grabbing them from Target or Costco will be a lot harder this holiday season. Make sure to pick up the one you’ve had your eye on the next time you’re out.

3. Video Game Consoles

Video Game Consoles

Both PlayStation and Xbox released new consoles last year, but it is almost impossible to get one of them in stock due to the supply chain issue. Similar to the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite being impossible to cure the pandemic, it doesn’t seem like these consoles will be easily accessible soon. Your best bet to land on is arriving at a store, like Target or GameStop, when they open to try and get one.

4. Diamond Jewelry – 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By Christmas

Diamond Jewelry - 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By C
Photo by Sabrinna Ringquist on Unsplash

This might seem odd, but diamonds aren’t as easily accessible as they once were. This is due to the leading suppliers, De Beers and Alrova PJSC, having a limited supply. The pandemic caused a vast supply issue with diamonds and a cost increase between 5-10%. If you’re looking for a gift that contains a diamond, shop early since it can take a few months to get the diamond prepared, and demand is currently very high.

5. Books


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Yep, supply chain issues also got to books. Authors have flocked to social media to explain that getting hard copies of their books are harder than before due to the pandemic. The main issue is because of labor shortages in the industry and paper supply issues and shipping delays. You can still pre-order your favorite book, but there isn’t a guarantee when it will arrive. Your best bet is to invest in an e-reader and download your books right now.

6. Charcuterie Boards – 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By Christmas

Charcuterie Boards - 8 Gifts You
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Food has also made this list. Many goods that go onto a charcuterie board are imported in from overseas, and with all the sea freight and dock issues, getting these items is a lot harder. To top it off, food items are continually soaring in pricing, including meat. Giving a food board as a holiday gift is a great idea; just be prepared to pay a little more and order early since shipping and supply issues could cause it to be delayed.

7. Bicycles

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With more people being confined to their homes during the pandemic, we saw a shortage in bikes arise. Today that trend is continuing, and experts don’t think it will get better until 2023. With bicycles being hard to find also comes the price increase when you do find one you love. Prepare to have delays in shipping or finding a bike, and if you do find the perfect one, it might cost a little more than you want.

8. Airpod Pro – 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By Christmas

Airpod Pro - 8 Gifts You Should Buy Early To Have By
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Last year Airpods were a hot holiday item, and experts think they will top the list again this year. With people continuing to work from home, Airpods are perfect for taking those professional phone calls and excellent when running errands or exercising. Since there is an increasing demand for headphones, prepare for a shortage of them.

While you might not be able to get your hands on your favorite holiday gift this season, there is more to be grateful for. Remember that we can spend time with our families this year and start to enjoy the holidays like usual again, regardless of what gifts are under our trees.