6 Key Things to Look for In A Good Office Chair

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It might not seem important, but a good office chair is essential when you’re working from home. On average, a person works 40 hours per week, which will rack up to over 2,000 hours within a year. After doing the math, we can all agree that investing in a good office chair is vital to our health and work life. 

Most people decide to spend more money on a desk instead of their chairs. It is crucial to find a suitable chair for both your home and office life only to make working from home a little easier for you. Having said that, what do you need to look for in a good chair? 

We are going to breakdown some important tips on what to look for when investing in an office chair. Continue reading. 

1.Lumbar Support

Heffner Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair (Photo: Wayfair.com)

A lot of times, we get up from working, and our back hurts from sitting for so long. You want to find a chair that helps support your lower back while you’re working. Depending on the chair, you can even find one that has adjustable lumbar support that will allow you to fit your chair to your specific needs. Finding an excellent lumbar support chair will help prevent back strain, which can later lead to sciatic. The Heffner Ergonomic Mesh Task Chair is a great option to look into for lumbar support. 

2. Swivel Base

Haxby High Back Ribbed Conference Chair (Photo: Wayfair.com)

It might not seem important, but having a swivel base will only make your life easier when working from home. The swivel base will allow you to freely travel to a variety of different sections on your desk. Swiveling helps us stop straining and extending to grab various items. With the swivel base, you can get arm and side fatigue, which can later result in injury. Haxby High Back Ribbed Conference Chair not only looks cool but gives you everything you need in an office chair. 

3. Adjustability 

Moisin Mesh Ergonomic Conference Chair (Photo: Wayfair.com)

Being able to adjust your chair to your preferences is essential. This includes the height, arm adjustment, and some even come with seat back width and height, arm length, and tension control. Depending on your needs, find a chair that has the adjustability to your comfort level. The Moisin Mesh Ergonomic Conference Chair lets you adjust your chair to your comfortability. 

4. Seat Depth and Width

Turco Task Chair (Photo: Wayfair.com)

You want to make sure your office chair is wide and deep enough that you get maximum comfort. If you’re taller, you want to look for a deeper seat and a shallower seat if you’re a little shorter. When sitting in your chair, you should have 2-4 inches between the back of your knees and the seat of the office chair. The chair should also be able to tilt forward and backward, so you can have a little more comfort. The Turco Task Chair is excellent for seat depth and the right width. 

5. Padding is Essential

The Carleen Ergonomic Executive Chair (Photo: Wayfair.com)

The proper fabric and padding can really help your workday out. A suitable material will let your body breathe and be more comfortable when you’re sitting. The padding should be comfortable to sit on, but make sure the seat isn’t too soft or too hard. Hard surfaces can be painful after a few hours of sitting, and a soft chair might not offer enough support. The Carleen Ergonomic Executive Chair offers amazing padding and support for your body. 

6. Get Armrests

Jorden Executive Chair (Photo: Wayfair.com)

This might seem like a no brainer, but make sure your chair has armrests. The armrests will help take some strain off your neck and shoulders when you’re sitting and working. The armrests should be able to be adjusted so that you can position them to your height. Make sure your arms can comfortably rest without any slouching. The Jorden Executive Chair Three Posts gives you everything you need in a chair and looks super professional. 

These are just a few tips you can look into when you’re investing in a good office chair. You want to make sure your chair is comfortable to sit in for long hours at a time, regardless of how much the chair might cost. 

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