10 Fun Games You Can Play With Family and Friends Remotely

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Since we are all social distancing, we probably feel a lack in our social time and missing our friends. Sure we can do weekly wine nights or FaceTime calls, but it might not feel the same as getting together in person and hanging out. So what can you do to help make things feel a little back to normal? Lately, a trend going around are weekly game nights via Zoom. You get your standard friend group together, and all play a game or two together all from your computers. 

So how can this be done? Jackbox.tv has all the games you need in one easy location. This is how it works. The “host” of game night downloads whatever games they choose to their computer, like you would any other computer game, and then with the help of Zoom, the host can share screen their desktop so all the Zoom participants can see the game. Participants can use their phone to play the game by opening their browsers and going to jackbox.tv and typing in the game code.

From there, participants can play all the games together. There are a variety of different games that you can play, and we are going to show you ten of the best games you can play with your friends.

1. Fakin It!

Photo: Jackbox Games

Fakin It! is a 3 to 8 player game where your goal is to find who the faker is. All participants will get a prompt to either hold up a number on their hand, make a facial expression, or type an answer into their phone. The faker’s goal is to blend in and not get caught. The game will bring a lot of laughs and can have friends turning against each other instantly.

2. Quiplash

Photo: Jackbox Games

Quiplash is similar to Cards Against Humanity. When the game starts, you’re given two prompts that require answers. Your goal is to get your answer chosen by all the other guests. The funnier your answer is, the more likely it is to be selected. Get creative here, drink a little wine, and have a ton of fun with your friends.

3. Tee K.O.

Photo: Jackbox Games

The beginning of this game might seem weird but wait. You’re given a time limit to create three drawings, and after you have one minute to think of as many terms or phrases that you can. Once everyone is done, the game will randomly generate everyone’s images and phrases and throw them on a t-shirt. Your job is to create the perfect t-shirt with a great picture and sentence that your friends will choose. All participants will go up against each other to see who created the best t-shirt. You are sure to get some laughs out of this game.

4. Drawful

Photo: Jackbox Games

If your friend group loves Pictionary, then Drawful is for you. Everyone is given a prompt to draw something; once everyone is drawn, each drawing will be shown, and participants will have to guess what they think the picture is. The game will put all the answers together, plus add in the correct answer and one wrong answer. Your job is to pick the correct answer to win the game, but if you choose the fake answer, you’re out of the game. 

5. WordSpud

Photo: Jackbox Games

I hope you know your words because, with WordSpud, participants are randomly chosen to make words or phrase, bouncing off of the previous word. Other participants decide if the words work or don’t, and you only get points based on how many votes you get.

6. Trivia Murder Party

Photo: Jackbox Games

Trivia night is a lot funnier with Trivia Murder Party. All guests will receive a voodoo doll, your job is to answer the random questions correctly, or you could potentially die. If you answer the question wrong, you’re either killed, lose an answer to a trivia question, or have to fight for your life. At the end of the game, all dolls come back to life and battle to beat the overall winner and escape the murder house to end up as the ultimate trivia champion. You won’t know who the winner of this game is until the very end.

7. Guesspionage

Photo: Jackbox Games

With Guesspionage you’re given a question to answer, like “what percentage of people believe vampires are real?” your job is to get as close to the percentage as possible. The closer you are to the correct percentage, the more points you get. After you guess, everyone else has to opportunity to guess higher or lower than your answer to win points of their own. Here is where all that random knowledge you have will come in handy.

8. Joke Boat

Photo: Jackbox Games

If crafting one-liners if your idea of a good time, then Joke Boat is a great game to play. You and your friends go head to head to create the best jokes that will impress the captain. At the end of the game, your boat begins to capsize, and only the funniest of people will get a life vest, so I hope your joke makes the cut.

9. Split the Room

Photo: Jackbox Games

This game will get your mind turning since it involves a variety of “what if” questions. Participants will get a question, but one word will be missing from the question. Your job is to fill in the blank and divide the room with your answer. By the end of the game, participants will get distressing dilemmas, and your job is to make your answer seem more appealing than others.

10. Lie Swatter

Photo: Jackbox Games

In Lie Swatter, all players receive a random fact that they need to decide is true or a lie. If you guess wrong, you die, but if you guess right, you still die but get points for being right. By the end of the game, whoever has the most points will win the game. This game is great to get some laughs in, and maybe you will learn a little something too.

The best thing about these Jackbox games is you can have audience members if you want. So if a friend would rather sit back and enjoy the show, they can without feeling left out. Multiple people can play in one household as long as they have a smartphone, and the games aren’t overly expensive to purchase. 

All games can be downloaded onto a computer, gaming console, or Steam, so there are multiple ways to play with your friends. Each game can be purchased by themselves, or you can buy game packs that include five to six games. Each game comes at its own price, and currently, they are on sale with Jackbox. 

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