We Bet, You Badly Needed to Know This Before You Explore Disneyland


Is one day enough to explore Disneyland, you ask?

From theme parks to character experiences, Downtown, and a lot more, Disneyland is a planet in itself, all set to absorb you in its enormity and extravaganza. One day is certainly not enough to explore its whole lot. And even if it is, your craving to meet your favorite characters or roll on that crazy ride will not let you go from here. Here is what you needed to know to explore Disneyland and make them see you rollin’ and hatin’.


Schedule Smartly!

The huge variety in Disneyland will leave you craving and drooling for more. Sip coffee and put your smart instincts on fire with this 12-hour schedule.

  • 2–3 hours for a Guided tour
  • 1–2 hours for meeting up and hanging around your favorite characters
  • 1–2 hours for exploring Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom Park
  • 1 hour for light meal with a Disney character (choose the one you left to meet)
  • 2–3 hours for your high priority rides
  • 2–3 hours for sports and entertainment centers (including water parks)
  • 1 hour shopping and hanging around the shops
  • 1 hour for food and drinks

Munch on Some Lighties

Bear it that a day or more in Disneyland will be the most exhaustive ones. The place will make you walk and pump up your adrenaline. You will surely feel healthier after returning to home, but make sure to eat light. Drink plenty of water while walking. Avoid eating or drinking before a ride or an exhaustive activity.

disneyland tokyo
Disneyland tokyo

Add Oomph to Your Photographs

The brilliant light-work in Disneyland would only be visible if you keep off the flash of your camera. You don’t need to dress bright and heavy to look good in the photographs. Wear your most comfortable dress, grab some souvenirs from shops, pose in style with a Disney character, and voila!

You Can’t Make The Most of Your Trip Without These Handy Tips…

  • Every person’s priorities differ from each other. When you land in Disneyland, you will find honeymoon goers, single parents with their kids, college grads, excited school students, old lads reliving their childhood memories, and many others. Make a list of all the places and activities in Disneyland and mark your priority list in number format.
  • Go early to enter early.
  • You will walk a lot there. So, make sure to wear your most comfortable dress. Your house cleaning shorts would do too!
  • Hang around with people. May be you didn’t check on the newly installed ride!
  • Take less stuff with you.
  • For astounding photos, keep your camera’s flash off. Thanks us later!
  • If you follow the crowd, chances are that you will barely get the ticket of that ride. Wrong way is the right way here.
  • Create a schedule. Divide everything into hours and minutes. If your attempt on roller-coaster failed, skip it and move on to the next big thing on your schedule.disneyland california
Now you are all set to explore Disneyland. So, pack your bags and get going without waiting any further.