Warcraft Movie

2016 warcraft

The summer of 2016 will forever be known as the summer of unmet expectations especially for the movie goers. With highly anticipated, much awaited, much talked about movies like “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad” destroying fans’ high hopes so devastatingly, two of the summers would be hits became absolute disappointments with critics and moviegoers. But that wasn’t the end of it.

World of Warcraft Game

Another much anticipated movie, especially by gamers all over the globe, was “Warcraft” which was based on the game empire and universe created by Blizzard Games named “World of Warcraft”. This movie, which was hoped to be an epic action movie, turned out to be a sad, sentimental tale about father and sons and family honor.

Written by Charles Leavitt

The movie which was written by Charles Leavitt and then rewritten and directed by Duncan Jones was awash with computer graphics and mushy scenes. The battle between the orcs and the humans which was supposed to be the main highlight of the movie ends up being pushed to the back burner and not even given the appropriate amount of screen time. What we do end up seeing however is tense discussion after tense discussion around maps. For an action movie, Warcraft has a bit too much of idle standing around and talking.

Real Disappointment

The real disappointment was the fact that a director as talented as Duncan Jones who has given movie lovers pieces of art like the Kevin Spacey starrer “Moon” and the Jake Gyllenhaal starrer “Source Code” failed to realize his potential in a big budget movie like Warcraft. The film is heavy on CGI and the characters are underdeveloped and the ending is ambiguous – and because of all this, the movie ends up making no real impact whatsoever.


The cast included big names like Travis Fimmel, the actor portraying fabled Viking king Ragnar Lothbrook on History Channel’s “Vikings” and Paula Patton, who played Agent Jane Carter in “Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol”.  But the movie ends up being all glossy without much under the surface. The two hour running time is understandable when you consider the narrative and how a whole universe with its plethora of characters was to be established but performance wise and story wise the movie just touches mediocre.

Painful to watch

On a whole, the movie seems like a cheap mix of the epic franchise The Lord of the Rings and the television series Game of Thrones but falls short of both. The acting is below par, which is not what you would expect from an actor like Travis Fimmel, the CGI element is too heavy and too obvious which is painful to watch, and the movie feels like a desperate attempt at establishing a franchise instead of making an actual movie. The movie is disappointment for moviegoers and an even bigger disappointment for “World of Warcraft” fans that had been looking forward to this fantasy epic which failed horribly at transferring the game universe to the big screen.