Top Things To Do In New York City

New York City is one of the greatest playgrounds and top tourist destinations in the United States. Whether your’re grabbing a cup of coffee on an early morning or catching a cab in the rain, there is always something to do and see in the city never sleeps. With so much to see and do, it is hard to decide what to do. To help, here are some of the top things to do in New York City and to make your first trip to Gotham unforgettable.

With its cultural landmarks, museums and dynamic neighborhoods, you won’t be in want of things to do and see during your stay. From artists to chefs, people from around the world come to New York City to try to make their mark in the Big Apple. In fact, no one comes to this city to relax, but to join in with the hustle and bustle.

With its dining, shopping, and entertainment of all kinds, you won’t want to miss out on the best of the best that New York City has to offer. Here are some of the top activities and tips for surviving New York City and making your first trip to Gotham unforgettable. 

Purchase a New York CityPASS

Purchase a New York CityPASS

New York City can be pretty expensive, especially if you are grabbing cabs every chance you get. Most people come to New York City to explore, but there are many monuments, museums, and places to see.

The New York CityPASS includes entrances to many different museums and other top destinations, so you don’t have to shovel out cash at every sight. This pass will let you save a ton on all of the excursions you wish to see in this fabulous city–from the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to see the top attractions and save a buck.

Visit the Empire State Building – Top Things To Do In New York City

Visit the Empire State Building - Top Things To Do In New York City

The Empire State Building is monumental and a must – see while you are in New York City. In fact, it should be one of the first things you do when you come to this city! So, grab your things and head on over to see this beautiful monument. The Empire State Building took eleven months to construct and it was the highest building when it was built in 1931. It ranges at 1,454 feet high and is a beautiful sight to look at. This building has a ton of history written into it and the design of the building’s structure brings charm and restoration to the United State’s past. Head on into this building and check out the different floors and architecture that exists. It has everything that represents this wonderful city.

See the Statue of Liberty

See the Statue of Liberty

When you think of New York City, the statue of liberty probably pops into your head. The Statue of Liberty is a famous sculpture that sits on Liberty Island in the New York Harbor in New York City and is originally known by its proper name, “Liberty Enlightening the World.” This monument is one the most popular sights within New York City, which means it can get incredibly crowded with tourists and visitors. If you choose to visit this monument, be prepared for the chaotic crowds and the busy lines to get over to see the Statue of Liberty. You may even want to try and get on an organized tour or just admire the Statue of Liberty from afar. You can also try and visit this monument early in the morning on an off – peak day such as Sunday. Yet, visiting this monument might be an all-day excursion.

Take a stroll through Central Park – Top Things To Do In New York City

Central Park is one of the most popular parks in the world. It’s in film and literature, and it is talked about everywhere, so why not head on over for a stroll through this iconic Central Park? This park is the first landscaped public park and millions come here each year to enjoy its beauty. The 843-acre area is great for everyone and the city even holds events at this park through every season, from picnics in the summer time to ice skating in the winter season. It is a magical place that shouldn’t be missed by anyone. Try and visit this park in the early morning when you are in New York City for a serene experience in any season.

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

Visit the Brooklyn Bridge

New York has a ton of history written into every street, which makes it the perfect place for every explorer. The Brooklyn Bridge dates all the way back to 1883 and was the first structure to cross the East River. This monument was even the longest suspension bridge in the world at one time. It is an absolute must – see while you are in New York City; yet, watch out for cyclists when you visit this bridge because they usually ride along the pedestrian path. Also, try and visit the Brooklyn Bridge during the calmer hours of the day. This monument can get rather busy with tourists and locals.

Avoid Places Like Little Italy And Head Over To Local Restaurants – Top Things To Do In New York City

Avoid Places Like Little Italy And Head Over To Local Restaurants - Top Things To Do In New York City

When you come to New York City, you probably want great food. In fact, isn’t that what New York is partially known for? There are amazing restaurants all over New York City, but there are also tourist traps, so watch out for those. In fact, try and avoid places like Little Italy because you might get trapped with overpriced sales and mediocre food. Instead, head on over to local restaurants that have impeccable food and great culture. A few great recommended Italian options are Saraghina’s and Roberta’s. Both of these restaurants have amazing pizza and visitors of all kinds absolutely love these two restaurants. It would be a shame to miss out on a delicious meal while you’re in an iconic city like New York, so head on over here and skip the overpriced culture of Little Italy.

Visit Times Square

Visit Times Square

Every New Year’s Eve, over one million people gather in Times Square to watch the ball drop, and visitors everywhere gather around Times Square to celebrate and ring in the New Year. This intersection is famously filled with excitement and action, and visitors from everywhere love to come to this part of New York. Throughout Times Square, you will find surrounding areas of shopping, restaurants, as well as bars that even have views of this beautiful part of New York City. This intersection area is nothing you should miss out on. This area is also near the Broadway Theatre District and is considered to be “the heart of the world.” Yet, be aware of your surroundings and your things when you are visiting this area. Things can easily get stolen or lost, if you’re not careful.

See Rockefeller Center – Top Things To Do In New York City

See Rockefeller Center - Top Things To Do In New York City

The Rockefeller Center is an art-deco New York City landmark that was built in the year of 1939 and should be seen by all. In fact, there are many events that are held at the Rockefeller Center each year, making it famously known. You may have even seen this landmark in film or on broadcast throughout the year. During your time here in New York City, don’t forget to check out this landmark. It is well worth the visit.

Check Out The Local Bakeries For Some Delicious Treats

Check Out The Local Bakeries For Some Delicious Treats

One of the most loved things about New York City is the food. The food of this city is absolutely delicious, regardless of where you go. While you are exploring the city of New York, don’t forget to check out some of the amazing bakeries. A few popular bakeries to check out are Dun-well Donuts, Magnolia Bakery, and Levain Bakery. Yet, make sure you find a bakery that’s near you and reasonably good. You don’t want to walk into a bakery that doesn’t give you what you came for!

Shop Till You Drop – Top Things To Do In New York City

Shop Till You Drop - Top Things To Do In New York City

New York City is filled with many different places for shopping. From markets to different malls, you will not be disappointed. Make sure you check out Fifth Avenue, Broadway, and even Times Square. You’ll find amazing shops and you’ll even have the chance to explore the large department stores you wish to see. You can even try and find stores that are having major discounts during your time here in New York. Yet, make sure to keep your belongings close to you when you shop. You don’t want to forget your bags in a taxi or get them stolen!

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