The Olympic Road Race

road race start rio 2016

Introduction to the game

Mostly popular around Western Europe, especially around countries such as France, Spain, Italy. Since the mid-1980s the sport has diversified with professional races now held on all continents of the globe. Semi-professional and amateur races are also held in many countries. The sport is governed by the Union Cyclist International (UCI). Road bicycle racing is a racing sport that is held along paved roads and is the most professional form of bicycle racing, in terms of numbers of competitors, events, and spectators.

Exotic Venues

The racing events of the 2016 Summer Olympics that were hosted in Rio De Janeiro were held at four absolutely stunning venues. The first one was Fort Copacabana in the Copacabana, a military base at the south end of the beach that defines the district of Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro. This venue was selected for the start and finish of the road cycling road race.

The other region that got selected for road cycling time trial competitions was Pontal in the Barra Cluster. Pontal is a small peninsula and beach area in the Recreio dos Bandeirantes that means it is a neighborhood that is located in the west region of the famous exotic city. This area truly defines what Brazil is all about, white sandy beaches with the sound of waves crashing upon the shoreline friendly neighborhood anxiously waiting to support the sportsmen sprit of the cyclists as they whizz by towards the finish line.

The Third Venue was also placed in the Barra Cluster Region inside the famous Rio Olympic Velodrome, officially the Velódromo Municipal do Rio it is a velodrome located in the Barra Olympic Park sports complex in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Built as a replacement for the former Barra Velodrome. The inside of the venue features a cycling track would be the first in Brazil and second in South America with a wooden track, built in the Netherlands with Siberian Pine by Sander Douma Architects.

The last two events, the “The BMX” and “The Mountain Biking” both were held at the Olympic BMX center at The “Deodoro Cluster”.


As much as eighty countries participated in the cycling events from Argentina to Denmark, from The Dominican Republic and all the way till the USA to name a few had representatives to compete in the sporting events. Day One ended up with a spectacular result for Greg Van Avermaet, representing Belgium as he won the Men’s Road race. Day Two wasn’t anything less than a bright victory for France as well, represented by Anna Van Der Braggen who won the women’s road race and proudly held the golden medal.

Greg Van Avermaet belgium wins raceTo the more extreme side of the sport comes the BMX completion that was lead by Connor Fields who represents the USA won a gold medal in the men’s category and Mariana Pajón won the women’s category of the sport taking back with her a gold medal all the way to Colombia.